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Why Gluten Free?

If you already offer a gluten free option to your customers you will no doubt understand why you should offer your customers a gluten free choice and also the benefits of doing so. If gluten free is new to you please read on. Having Coeliac Disease (an auto immune disease), a gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy often makes shopping and eating out very difficult, so at Coori we have developed a delicious selection of high quality products which are free from gluten, wheat and oats, some are also dairy and lactose free and many are suitable for vegetarians.

This means that gluten free consumers no longer miss out on great tasting food

5 Advantages of offering a Gluten Free alternative
• Increased market share, customers who would usually go elsewhere will use your services. Many of these 'new' customers will also bring along family and friends. 
• Increased average spend per customer, gluten free food has a healthy markup. 
• Repeat business, customers will return time and time again. 
• Free advertising as customers will talk about the food; in our experience word of mouth is all-powerful. 
• Due to the lack of tasty gluten free foods people will travel to get good quality gluten free food

Why Coori

We are a dedicated purpose built totally free from company and we ensure that all of our products and ranges are high quality and produced in totally free from sites

Our Coori range now has more than 30 products that are free from with a selection designed to respond to customers need

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All of Coori’s products come in consumer size packs. However we are able to adapt packaging sizes to meet customer needs so if you require products in bulk packaging please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Export Sales

Coori's primary area of distribution is in the UK, but if you are interested in us exporting in your country please do get in touch and we would be happy to discuss any export opportunities, we have a team of highly experienced logistics experts that would be delighted to assist you. 

Retail Sales

Coori's products are designed and developed to reach people under EU legislation and are fully certified. All our products are therefor available for the retail market, if you are interested in any samples or wish to discuss any of our products please get in touch with our sales team 

We are happy to accept all trade and wholesale enquiries please email us on julia@coori.co.uk or telephone 02089618088 for more information and to request a price list.

All the products in our Coori range can be seen on www.coori.co.uk