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"Coori blimey, what a clever idea...This is perfect for those with gluten, dairy or nut allergies as you can taiolr your box to suit your requirements".

 "An invitation to attend a gluten free ravioli class hosted by Coori came at the right time. Coori is a new Italian family run business founded by Julia who is gluten intolerant herself. They focus on artisan free from foods with many Italian products like pizza mix, tortellini, ravioli, pesto, cannoli, different types of biscuits and many other products all gluten free and often dairy free too".

"I know that free from stuff is usually pretty expensive, so I think this (the monthly box) is probably pretty good value, and will definitely keep us going for at least a month".  

"When I saw that a new gluten-free range was launching and that pie was one of their specialities, I virtually snapped their arm off. I wasn't disappointed - despite replacing wheat flour with a mix of rice, tapioca, maize and gram - they have the same texture as a short crust pastry and taste, only ever so slightly different".


" Artisan free-from company Coori launched this month giving consumers freedom to enjoy a range of delicious foods regardless of allergies, intolerances, and dietary restraints. Coori has created a range of free from foods that taste fantastic whilst being free from any ingredients that you might wish to avoid". 

"The Coori range covers all the comfort foods and indulgent treats that you wouldn't expect to be free from, from soft gluten-free hamburger buns enriched with delicious golden flax seeds, to gluten-free and dairy free chocolate biscuits to be enjoyed as an afternoon treat".

"The lovely people at Coori sent me an example of their monthly subscription box - it contained lots of gluten free, dairy free, nut free..youname it, they have a food free from it!  So if you have allergies to food this could be something you need to look at!"

"Coori offers dairy, wheat, gluten and nut free ready-to-eat dishes, treats and everyday ingredients, with a focus on taste and texture so that those following a freefrom diet can enjoy all their favourite foods without comprimising on quality". 

"The Tortellini is filled with parma ham, mortadella & parmesan cheese. Pretty much all I can say is this... what a combination! Upon opening the packet the smells that come out are amazing....Every piece of pasta was generously filled with plenty of the Italian meats & the strength of the parmesan was the perfect combination. For me, eating this delicious gluten free pasta was a dream come true...I have to admit the gluten free filled pasta from Coori has to be one of my favourite gluten free products of 2015. It is exceptional".

"How could one enjoy a range of tasty food, regardless of allergies, intolerances and dietary restraints? Well the answer is Coori".


"Then came the taste test - I was intrigued to see if it would be as good as standard pasta. And, I'm please to say, it was! .... After the pasta, the Coori team brought out a huge pile of gluten-free, dairy-free profiteroles, which had everyone drooling!"

"To my surprise there was literally no difference in taste what so ever. Which is fantastic for those who find that off-putting when trying gluten free out...Coori as a brand are amazing, with recipes all made with the people at heart. Food range varies from gluten free pasta, to gluten free profiteroles & panettone".

"This is certainly one product that I am very happy to say is as good if not indeed better than other free-from products I’ve tried. This was a light, smooth, easy to drink lager – no bitterness, which I consider a definite good. It was entirely refreshing, which was a god-send.

"No time to fill your trolley? Don't call for a takeaway, have some healthy meals delivered to you instead. Go online and order delicious and healthy 'free from' Italian style meals and ingredients, perfect if you're following a gluten free diet".