Healthy Choices for Children

Posted on November 12, 2015 by Claudia Palombi | 0 comments

Providing your children with a healthy, varied diet is one of the best things you can do for their physical development. The habits that children learn early on in life will follow them for many years to come and, as parents, it is important to take responsibility for this!

Over at Coori we are keen to help parents of gluten free children make healthy choices when it comes to food. We stock a range of foods that are perfect for the lunch box as well as foods that can be enjoyed at home.

Growing your own food is an incredible experience and is the best way to teach your children the importance of self-sustainability. This is something that is great to do in your own garden or in a communal allotment space. Showing your children that they can create their own food is the perfect way to teach them about the value of such things and also to provide them with organic, chemical free alternatives to the produce we get at the supermarket! 

If you aren't able to grow your own produce because of a lack of space then it's always fun to visit a local farm with your family. This gives the young ones a chance to see how food is produced and you might also find an opportunity for them to get some hands on experience!

Picking your own fresh produce is a really satisfying way to eat and when you cook or bake with ingredients you have grown yourself, it is always going to taste amazing! 

To encourage everyone to get involved with eating in this way we will soon be posting regular recipes with foods that can be easily grown in the garden so watch this space!




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