Georgias gluten Free Challenge day 3

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Claudia Palombi | 1 comment

I'm staying with my mum for a few days, and as she keeps hens in the garden I figured this was a great opportunity to grab some freshly laid eggs to serve up a scrumptious brunch. I simply baked them and then sprinkled with some smoked Paprika and drizzled over a little olive oil. I dished up the eggs with a handful of toasted gluten free foccacia soldiers! This bread was so tasty and soft and it soaked up the golden yoke just as i had hoped. I think the foccacia torn and toasted would make great croutons for a salad too.

I loved my pie so much yesterday that I couldn't wait to tuck into the chicken and gravy version today for dinner. I still had mash and greens left over from yesterday so it was an easy meal to prepare. The moment I cut into the pie a huge meaty chunk of chicken tumbled out. I'm really enjoying eating pies that actually have some filling.  Day three of the GFC and I'm still really enjoying my food.


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July 06, 2015

we tend to shun the trendy, hobghriw turista magnets. There was a half-mile dirt trail in the park next to bagley’s that looked like fun, but we had crazy-tight timetable to get back. next time. we did stop at a terrific bbq place in junction (cooper’s outdoor pit, good stuff.)

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