Georgias Gluten Free Challenge Day 2

May 18, 2015 1 Comment

This morning I had an early appointment and so ended up skipping breakfast. I definitely did a great job of making up for this by preparing Coori's cheese and ham tortellini for lunch. I just let them bubble away for a couple of minutes in some boiling salted water and stirred through a generous spoonful of Coori's red and yellow pepper pesto. What a deliciously simple dish It was.  Scrumptious and warming, it set me up for the rest of my busy day perfectly.

For dinner i served up a gluttonous gluten free steak and gravy pie with heaps of creamy mash, wilted kale and a gluten free gravy. With a generous filling of tender meat and a fantastically crispy crust, this pie was simply delicious. Its only the second day of my gluten free challenge but i have to say so far I'm not feeling challenged as much as i am full. 

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July 06, 2015

gluten-free apple (thanks, laura!) and snuck a couple of picees of pecan just because you can’t really survive in texas without it. sorry you’re ailing. pie will be even better after prolonged anticipation!

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