Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween 

As every year we went to pick some funny shape pumpkins and here we have some curiosity for you  

The word pumpkin identifies the fruits of various plants belonging to the family of Cucurbitaceae, especially some species of the genus Cucurbita( Cucurbita Maxima, Cucurbita pepo and Cucurbita moschata )but also species belonging to other genres such as Lagenaria vulgaris  or ornamental gourd . The collection period in Italy runs from September to November.

Pumpkin is commonly used in the kitchen of different cultures: in addition to the pumpkin pulp, they also eat the seeds, appropriately salted. Pumpkin is a vegetable that lends itself to a thousand recipes: it is cooked in oven, steam, risotto or soups, fried in batter. Particularly famous are the tortillas in mantovana, filled with the same variety of pumpkin. From the seeds you get a reddish oil used in cosmetics and traditional cooking. Even pumpkin flowers can be used, only masculine ones, those with the stem, called peduncle, thin, which, after being pollinated, are intended to dry, fry, after baking, such as zucchini.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, the pumpkin is used for the construction of the Jack-o'-lantern, a rudimentary lantern used during the Halloween party to drive out evil spirits that, according to legend, roam out of the land and say that if a person or animal possesses from one of these spirits approaching the house where a pumpkin is present, the latter light of an intense blue and the spirit that tries to enter is trapped in the pumpkin flame

Pumpkin was imported into Europe by Spanish Colonists from America.

But today we picked what we need for tomorrow to make our pumpkin delicious gnocchi with Coori Pasta mix https://www.coori.co.uk/products/gluten-free-pasta-mix-1kg served with sage and butter sauce and some smoked ricotta.



We are going to follow a very traditional recipe from one of my favorite books, but with a twist ....... Julia's twist !

And what are you cooking for Halloween ? 

Recipe available from tomorrow, now we need to roast the pumpkins !











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