The Coori brand and what it means to me

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Julia Zardetto | 0 comments

Even though Coori is still not yet a year old, we have had a fantastic time so far discovering free from foods and selling them all over the nation. Our online store has been a big hit with those on a gluten free diet and I am very appreciative of all of the great support.

As many of you may already know, I myself am intolerant to gluten and this has been one of my main motivations for developing Coori. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find high quality, gluten free products. The creation of great tasting gluten free food is something I am incredibly committed to and I hope that Coori reflects this!

Suffering from a gluten intolerance or allergy can make many dietary aspects of your life quite difficult - things which those who aren’t intolerant or allergic perhaps take for granted! Coeliac disease can actually manifest itself in many different ways so it can often be a long process to get an official diagnosis. Therefore I would strongly suggest that anyone who thinks they might be a sufferer makes it a priority to consult their doctor about it. There is also a wide variety of information available online that can be of help.

Eradicating gluten from the diet isn’t only something that those who are intolerant or allergic can benefit from. Several people choose to do this because of the perceived health benefits and there is varying research to suggest the effectiveness of this.

Certain foods that gluten is present in are quite beneficial to the body because of the range of vitamins and minerals in them, wheat, rye and barley for example. However, that doesn’t mean that a person who eats gluten free needs to be deficient in these nutrients. The important thing to remember is that none of the nutrients contained within these foods are in any way unique. Therefore a healthy, varied diet can easily substitute the things a person may be missing out on. It is my goal to offer a range of nutritious products that serve to make this process as effortless as possible!

My career history is as a chef and my passion for great food continues to be one of the main driving forces behind the Coori brand. I am constantly seeking inspiration and experimenting with new flavours in order to provide the best possible products to my customers.

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