Help Us Reduce Our Carbon Footprint by Returning Our Envelopes!

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Julia Zardetto | 0 comments

As an existing customer you will already know that we strive to make sure your goods reach you in perfect condition! Protecting refrigerated stock from the elements is one of our top priorities and for that reason we send these kinds of food to you in a temperature control envelope.

We are now excited to announce that you will be able to return our temperature control envelopes to us so that we can re-use them. This is of course great for the environment as we will be producing much less waste!

All of our orders will now be delivered with a Free-Post self-addressed label. This means that once you have unpacked your order you can simply pop the temperature control envelope back into the post and it will find its way back to Coori Headquarters. As you will know, the size of these envelopes often varies, but by simply folding the larger ones you will still be able to return them.

At Coori we are very passionate about recycling and committed to protecting the environment in any way that we can. We are excited that we can now take this one step further! We believe it is the responsibility of every person on this planet to work to reduce their carbon footprint and do as little damage to the environment as is possible. By reducing the amount of waste that we produce, not only will we be able to contribute to this action, but also to encourage others to make similar changes.

We would like to thank you in advance for your participation in this!










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